Home Insurance: Water Intake Line Bursts

Tenants and the Need for Condo Insurance when your the Landlord


Being a Realtor I have always recommended everybody I knew to purchase condo insurance.  Now after years of paying for condo insurance premiums I had the misfortune to actually file a claim.  


The Story:


10pm - Water Intake line bursts


10pm - 10:15pm - Tenant evacuates the unit to pull the fire alarm.


10:15 pm - Tenant notifies landlord.  Instructions are given for the tenant to use the insuite unit water shut off valve.  


The Damage:  15 minutes of running water caused damage to 4 units and about $50,000.  Strata deductible of $10,000 My Insurance Deductible: $500.  Yearly premiums only $350, Gore Mutual Insurance your a life saver. 



1) Always purchase condo insurance.

2) Renters should purchase content insurance so they can be placed in a hotel.

3) Detailed instructions should be posted in your rental condo on the location of both water shut off and electrical panel.

4) Even braided steel hoses can burst.  They should last 20 years.  This line must have been defective.

5) Never ever evacuate a home unless you are really in danger.



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